Ayat or dua For Protection From Black Magic evil eye after remove/burn jinn from body or family

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Ayat for protection from black magic is very much necessary to all those people who want to have protection from black magic. Because no one wants to come into the approach of black magic at anyhow. Therefore, if here you have come to us, then we don’t only protect you. But through dua you also able to return the black magic from where it came from. In addition, dua to find out who is doing magic. It is very much helpful. Therefore, if you also looking for dua for protection from evil eye or dua to remove jinn from body which is one of the most dangerous things. Then don’t worry dua to burn jinn will provide you rid of this trouble. Through dua for protection of family, know more through this article.

Dua for protection from evil eye -ayat for protection from black magic

Islam operates in a framework and a procedure, deemed to be ideal amongst all religions. Whereas there is an opposite and equal responsibility for every intervention, Islam also carries out aspects that may take precedence in our life to counter the negativity. There are substitutes in the form of Ayats or dua to destroy Sihr. But also dua for protection from evil eye in the scourge of evil-eye (nazr-e-bad) and sorcery as well.

These are just the brief ayat for protection from black magic and dua to burn jinn that you will need to recite to safeguard yourself as well as your neighbors. Above all, the narration of just the naming of Allah Almighty.

Perhaps with three times in the mornings and evenings every day. For instance, once you get up and then when Maghrib falls or you could just read it once as well. There really is no limit or constrain to how often times this should be recited.

Recitation of:  Suraaahh-al-Ikhlas, Suraaahh-all-Falaqqq, and Suraaah-al-Naaaas

Three times each, morning and evening, these Surahs will have to be recited.

Recitation of ayat for protection from black magic along with dua for protection of family

The following ayat for protection from black magic from the Holy Quran along with dua for protection of family:

“Hasssbiiiii Alllllaaaaahu laaaa ilaaahaaa illllaaa huwaaaa, ‘alayhiii tawakkaltuuuuu wa huwaaaa Rabbbb ulll-‘arshhh illl-‘azeeeem (Allaaaah is adequate for me. None other than he ever has the right to be respected. I placed my confidence in him, and that he is the Lord of the Magnificent Throne)”

“Laaaa ilaaaahaaa illll-Alllaaaah wahdahuuu laaaa shareekaaa lahh, lahuuu’l-mulkkk waa lahuu’l-hamdd waaa huwaaa ‘ala kulliii shaaay’in qadeeeer”

“Bismillaaaah alladhiii laaaa yaduuurr ma’a ismihi shay’un fi’l-ardi waaa laaaa fi’l-samaaaa’i wa huwa al-sameeee’ al-‘aleeeem”

“Bii kalimaaaat Allaaaahi ttaammatiii minn kullli shaytaaaanin wa haammahhh waaa min kulli ‘aynin laammaaah (In the ideal words of Allah, I seek shelter from every devil, from every toxic lizard, and from every evil eye).”

“A’ooodhu bi kalimaaatiiAllaaaah hitaammmahtiii minnn sharriii maa khalaqqq”

narration of Surah-al-Fateha

Recite Surah-al-Fateha, 41 times instability, at least 3 times a day. Surah-al-Yaseen, three times a day. Surah-al-Mulq, once.

Yes, there’s the bad eye as well as the black magic. The spiritual strategy mentioned in the above only manner out of these problems. The first step to being a healthy Muslim is to believe in what we are taught by Islam. Here’s the hope that all our problems will totally disappear after the use of dua to remove jinn from body.

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